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Information Security Policy

Ablaze Security Policy 

Ablaze will provide you with secure online shopping technology. 

The Ablaze website is hosted on Zeald CMS, which is a platform used by many top performing Ecommerce websites across New Zealand. 

All access to the Ablaze website functionality is password protected and because Zeald CMS is a closed source website content management system, it is more secure and less likely to experience any hacking attempts. 

The Zeald CMS website is hosted on Amazon Web Servers, which are widely used, highly secure, and maintain best practice standards on data security.  

The Ablaze website has a valid SSL certificate which helps to ensure that all your Ablaze online orders are kept secure.  

Ablaze will never see any of your credit card information. This information is collected and stored by our third party payment gateway Paystation who collects and stores this information on our behalf. This ensures that the Ablaze website remains PCI compliant, meaning its systems are secure, and you can trust us with your sensitive payment card information. 


How secure is my data? 

Your data is very secure with Ablaze. When you make an order online, the information you supply such as your name, organisation name, phone number, address and email address, along with the details of your order, is stored on the back end of our system. This is a highly secure system. Your payment information is NOT collected by Ablaze, instead, it is handled by our third party payment gateway, Paystation. 

Do you hold any of my credit card information on file? 

Absolutely not. Your credit card information is never seen by Ablaze. We use a third party payment gateway called Paystation which collects all credit card information and stores it on our behalf. This ensures that Ablaze remains PCI compliant. 

How secure is Zeald CMS? 

Zeald CMS is a closed-source website content management system (CMS) operated by Zeald Web Design. Because it is closed source, it is not subject to anywhere near as many hacking attempts as would affect an open source website CMS such as Wordpress. We believe closed-source is the right way in which to ensure the safety and security of our customers.  

Why did you choose Paystation? 

We chose Paystation because it was developed in New Zealand and currently owned by Trade Me, a trusted New Zealand brand.  

Paystation is a highly effective third party payment gateway, and on par with the best systems in terms of ease of use, functionality, and particularly, security.  

What data DOES Ablaze keep on file? 

We do keep on file personal information to be able to fulfil your order and remain in contact with you afterwards. This includes the details of your order, your name, phone number, delivery address and email address.