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As winter approaches customers will want Ablaze dry seasoned firewood that is ready to burn now. Dry firewood will burst into flames within 1 minute of being thrown on a bed of embers. If your wood does not do this is is either not dry or not seasoned.

blaze has large sheds to store and keep dry its seasoned firewood in good condition until you need. NZ delivers Firewood Wellington Wide, and unloads it exactly where you want it. Our firewood is available all year round, so you can stock up early for next winter, and still have wood to light your fire during the warmer months.


Our extensive range of loose firewood comes in a variety of types including macrocarpa, manuka, hardwood gums and several varieties of pine. The softer woods, such as one of our pine varieties are great for getting the fire going, whilst the harder woods such as manuka, kanuka & gum hardwood can then be used for a slower, longer burn.


If you are looking for firewood for instant use, our dry pine, dry macrocarpa, or our kiln dried pine is the most suitable firewood. This is because the wood has been dried outside over the summer, but stored inside over winter months, making it an easy to light softwood to heat your home.


Our loose firewood can be delivered in the Wellington region in a variety of sizes. Whether you are stocking up for next winter or need some extra wood for tonight’s fire, we will cater to the amount you require. Prices for delivery of our loose firewood starts from $70.00 for 1m3.


Our bagged firewood, coals are available bagged and ready to go. Bagged firewood ranges in weight depending on the density of the wood. Bagged firewood is ideal for those who only need small amounts of wood for instant use.  


The majority of our range of coals are available in 20kg bags.

Read more on firewood and warm healthy homes on our Information about Firewood page.
OUTSIDE Pine Mixed with OUTSIDE Macrocarpa - 50:50 mix
Shed Stored Pine
Shed Stored Pine
Macrocarpa - stored outside Delivered from(Click on image for prices)
SPECIAL Macrocarpa stored outside delivered
Shed Store Douglas Fir Firewood - Delivered (Click on image for prices)
Shed Store Douglas Fir sustainably harvested and well seasoned
Shed Store Douglas Fir & Shed Store Macrocarpa Mix delivered- 50:50 mix
Shed Store Douglas Fir & Shed Store Macrocarpa
Pine (stored outside)
Manuka - Delivered  (Limit 1 m3)
The price is for 1 M3 delivered
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WINZ Firewood Quotes
Kindling (Bag) - Delivered minimum order 10 bags
Price is for 10 bags delivered