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Just would like to say thank you.

Telephone service today was excellent .

Quick delivery same day.

Truck driver placed the stones where we asked but went that step further and positioned 3 piles along the area I was covering (tidy and made it easier to spread where I wanted it).

I could not have asked for better - so a big thank you.

18 Jan 2018 Excellent Wood and Thanks to the Driver

Don rang to thank Ablaze for the excellent wood and also to thank the driver John for his excellent service.

4 March 2016

26 Feb 2016

Great People

I have just paid for the wood for the delivery to myself and mum.

Can  just say a big thanks to whoever delivered the wood to Mum's place.  The drive is not easy to negotiate in a car (let alone a truck) and to get the wood on the lawn off the driveway is a feat of skilled riving. Mum mentioned that the driver was incredibly helpful and a pleasure to deal with-so, thank you very. I sometimes worry about who knocks on her door. To know there people like you out there who go 'above and beyond' to make mum (and our lives easier) is really comforting, so thanks. (Last year Gerard Murphy drooped the wood off and his skill behind the wheel at mums was awesome also...) you have some really good people working for you -keep it up!

26 Feb 2016

Exceptional Service
A big thanks to Vicky ( hope its correct spelling) and your fantastic truck driver.
One phone call and you guys did exactly what was asked for but went that bit further by giving exceptional service.
Enjoy your weekend while I'm working in my gardens

Gav -

Testimonial By: Gavin Russell
Date: Friday 24th October, 2014
A Real Gentleman
Just a quick note to let you know that the delivery man was a real gentleman, extremely accomodating, very professional and delivered the 2 cubic metres of pea metal with a smile on his face, these employees are an asset to your company, thank you very much.


Testimonial By: Manuel Miguel
Date: Thursday 09 October, 2014
Great Service and Fast Delivery
I went in to your Hutt Road store and the young man looked after me very well loading bags into my car. It is wonderful to get a young person who can relate to customers so well.

I later phoned and placed an order at about 9 o'clock and received my delivery at 9.45. it is all being stacked in my woodshed now.

Thank you.

Testimonial By: Kate Hopkins
Date: Friday 29 August, 2014
Pulling out the stops
Thank you, once again, for pulling out the stops this weekend and getting my wood delivered nice and early on Saturday morning. This allowed me to get it stacked and out of the way before the foul weather arrived.

As usual, the driver was polite and very efficient.

We really appreciate your approach to customer service.



Testimonial By: Dave - Mt Cook
Date: Tuesday 18 March, 2014