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Aggregates, Pebbles, Gravel & Sand - Delivered

At Ablaze, we stock a wide range of pebbles, gravel, sand as well as mixes, perfect for everything from home gardens to commercial landscaping & building projects. We also stock a range of other top ground cover including crushed shell & white chip, great for pathways, driveways and gardens.
Our range of pebbles offer an affordable but stylish solution to ground cover, and are a great addition to any garden or feature. We stock Golden, Jaffa (bag only) and River Pebbles. Golden and Jaffa pebbles come in one size, whilst River pebbles come in 12mm, 20mm & 40mm sizes.
Our drainage metal comes in a variety of sizes, perfect for paths, courtyards and driveways. Available in 12mm and 20mm. Drainage metal is an essential product to ensure proper drainage or cheap ground cover, whilst Pea metal is a much finer gravel that also works well as a drainage aggregate.
Basecourse is available in 40mm size, and is an essential product to set a strong base for any type of paving or path project, sitting under the surface layer. Ablaze basecourse is AP40 M4, which is classified as premium grade basecourse.
Dune and plaster/mortar sand offer a large range of applications. For mortaring in bricks, our plaster/mortar sand is perfect for any big or small brick laying job. Dune sand is perfect for whenever softer sand is required, and ideal for use in children’s sandpits.
Products range in delivery size available, from 0.5m3 to 5m3.

Ablaze offers same day delivery, 7 days a week in the Welllington, Porirua and Hutt areas. Please call 04 232 2288 or email for any product or delivery queries.